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Movie News and Views Mar. 26, 2008

Indy 4 poster

Standard Disclaimer:

All opening dates are not approximate. Watch trailers at your own risk.

Other than that, check out the movie posters! Enjoy!

“Pathology” – A group of med students create the perfect crime. Hey, wasn’t that similar to the plot of “Mindhunters?” Stars Alyssa Milano. Opening April 18, 2008. View the trailer at:

“Deal” – Brett Harrison is hot at cards, and Burt Reynolds is a retired gambler who takes him under his wing. Oh yeah, and Harrison gets to make out with Shannon Elizabeth. Opening April 25, 2008. View the trailer at:

“Deception” – Formerly “The Tourist,” (what’s up with these name changes?) this movie follows young exec Ewan McGregor as he joins a sex club called The List. When a woman disappears and a $20 million theft occurs, things get complicated. Also stars Hugh Jackman. Opening April 25, 2008. View the trailer at:

“Then She Found Me” – Helen Hunt’s directorial debut about a woman abandoned by her husband (Matthew Broderick) and entering a midlife crisis. When her long-lost birth mother (Bette Midler) reappears trying to reconcile… you get the drift. Opening April 25, 2008. View the trailer at:

“The Foot Fist Way” – A martial arts instructor catches his wife cheating and goes on a downward spiral until he finds redemption. Supposedly, this movie was left for Adam McKay and Will Ferrell to watch and they watched it 10 times in a row before buying it. Opening May 30, 2008. View the trailer at:

“Meet Dave” – Formerly “Starship Dave,” Eddie Murphy is a giant spaceship inhabited by miniature aliens, the commander of which is Eddie Murphy. Uh, yeah. Opening May 30, 2008. View the trailer at:

“The Incredible Hulk” – Dr. David Bruce Banner / Hulk is back, this time played by Ed Norton. Complications arise when he’s taken on by Abomination, a creature that matches his size and strength. Reportedly, their fight scene is 26 minutes long. Coming June 13, 2008. View the trailer at:

“Wall*E” – A lonely robot left on a planet finally gets a friend after 700 years, only for her to be taken away. Pixar’s latest venture. The trailer is great! Opening June 27, 2008. View the trailer at:

“Tropic Thunder” – Take an action star (Ben Stiller), a comedian (Jack Black), and an award-winning Australian actor who undergoes surgery to appear “black” (Robert Downey, Jr.) and have them make a war movie by dropping them in the middle of a REAL war. The trailer is hilarious. Opening August 15, 2008. View the trailer at:

“Righteous Kill” – Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino are two cops on the trail of a serial killer. Will there be one-liners involved? Opening September 12, 2008. View the trailer at:

“Madagascar: The Crate Escape” – Those crazy New York Zoo animals try leaving the island, only to end up in Africa. They may spend some time kissing the rains… Opens November 7, 2008. View the trailer at:

“Death Defying Acts” – Guy Pearce is Harry Houdini, and Catherine Zeta-Jones is the fake psychic he falls for. Coming soon. View the trailer at:

“Train” – A remake of the 80’s slasher film called “Terror Train,” this stars Thora Birch in the place of Jamie Lee Curtis. Need I say more? Coming soon. View the trailer at:


Movies on DVD Review: Once

Once poster

Sing with me now!


Starring Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. Written and Directed by John Carney.


The movie is literally about the music.


Set in Ireland, Guy (Hansard) works for his father fixing Hoover vacuum cleaners. His last relationship ended for reasons unknown, and that she lives somewhere in London. During lunch and at nighttime he performs songs on the corner of a busy street to keep his artistry going.


Girl (Irglova) does varied work (she tells him one day that she got a job cleaning a house). She lives with her mother and her two-year-old daughter. Her husband is still in Russia, and things aren’t working out between them. She demonstrates to Guy that she can play piano as well as sing.


Outside of this, there really isn’t too much story involved in this movie. And as much as I really wanted more of one, it would have possibly detracted from what the movie is: a showcase of two incredibly talented artists. Yes, they both do a good job a stringing a small story around two people who need each other for the time they’re allotted, but that’s not really the reason one sees this film.


The music. It’s all about the music. From his songs (“Say It To Me Now,” “Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy”) to her songs (“If You Want Me,” “The Hill”) to their collaborations (“When Your Mind’s Made Up,” and the hit “Falling Slowly”) I was incredibly impressed with the songs and how well both worked together.


And that’s really what the film is about. If you’re a fan of music, as well as indie films, you need to check this one out. Of  note their Academy Award-winning song, “Falling Slowly,” is available as a free download on the DVD (PC DVD-ROM).


I’ll put this in my collection, somewhere around “Almost Famous.”


My grade: B