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Movie News and Views May 16, 2008



Takin’ it from the top!


         Eva Mendes will star in “Queen of the South.” She plays a Mexican woman whose drug-runner boyfriend is murdered. She flees to Spain, where she becomes THE drug smuggler and exacts her revenge. Hmmm… isn’t the “Count of Monte Cristo” theme DONE?

         Infamous director Uwe Boll WILL take Michael Bay on in a boxing match. For the price of 10 “Postal” movie tickets, you can watch them fight. This has “Jerry Springer” written all over it.

         Matt Vaughn has just left helming the “Thor” movie.

         Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Banks are playing “The Prez” and his wife in the new Oliver Stone movie, “W.” Rumor has it they’re still looking for Dick…

         Warner Bros. is having problems. First they shut down Picturehouse and Warner Independent. Then, “Speed Racer” hasn’t performed as well as they had hoped; $150 million on the movie, $100 million on advertising. Will they make it up in time? Go Speed, go!

         Samuel L. Jackson has signed on for “Unthinkable.” More info as it develops.

         A new “Buck Rogers” movie is in the works. While I grew up watching the TV show (with Erin Gray) I have to ask: is there nothing else to mine? How about a “Commando Cody” movie?

         The new movie “Manson Girls” has stopped its production because NO ONE wants to work with Lindsay Lohan. Bummer.

         Stephen Spielberg is back to working on a new movie based on Abraham Lincoln.

         “Dance the night away/ worries for another day…” Yep. A movie based on “Fraggle Rock.”

         Michael Moore is working on a sequel to “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

         Acclaimed director Werner Herzog is remaking the “Bad Lieutenant,” with Nic Cage.

         “Shipwreck” has been cast aside from the “G.I. Joe” movie.

         Leo DiCaprio is set to be in a biopic on James Bond creator, Ian Fleming. I don’t know whether I’m shaken or stirred over this…

         Jonah Hill (“Superbad,” “Walk Hard”) has been kicked-off of “Transformers 2.” However, he has been hired to write the new “21 Jump Street,” movie, so it’s not all bad.

         “Beast” will appear in the new “Magneto” movie.

         Tom Cruise will play the President in the new movie, “The 28th Amendment.” He’s also in talks for “Mission: Impossible 4.”

         Tom’s ex, the current “Mrs. Keith Urban” Nicole Kidman, will be starring in a Dusty Springfield biopic.

         “Dolan’s Cadillac,” a short story by Stephen King, is getting the movie treatment. Christian Slater has been currently cast.

         Jan deBont is talking about doing a sequel to “Point Break.” Uh… doesn’t the original have to be GOOD to do a remake?



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