Movie News and Views August 22, 2008 Poster Edition



Here’s the rundown staring from mid-July:


         Bernie Mac, Isaac Hayes, and Samuel L. Jackson were working on a film called, “Soul Men,” about two backup singers who haven’t spoken to each other in 20 years, going on the road and doing a tribute to the deceased lead singer. While this is set for a Nov. 14 release, since Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac passed away no further word has been said on the current condition of the project.

         Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper have officially quit “At the Movies.” Ebert doesn’t want to do it anymore, and Roper couldn’t negotiate a new contract. Their replacements are Ben Lyons and Ben Mankiewicz.

         “Pass the Sugar” is a new documentary from director Gil Cates, Jr. on the 2005 World Series of Poker.

         M. Night Shamma-lamma-ding-dong plans on sitting in the producing chair, letting others film his ideas. Good luck with that one.

         Fresh from “Hancock,” director Peter Berg will direct a new “Hercules” movie for Universal.

         Not only is “Friday the 13th” being remade, but so is “Nightmare on Elm Street.” Current talks have pointed at Billy Bob Thornton to play Freddy Kreuger.

         Tim Burton is working on an “Alice in Wonderland” movie.

         MTV is planning on remaking “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

         “Hairspray” sequel slated for 2010.

         The new director for “RoboCop” will be Darren Aronofsky, whose films are “Pi,” “Requiem for a Dream,” and “The Fountain.”

         Leo DiCaprio is looking to make a “Twilight Zone” movie.

         Disney is planning on releasing “Tron 2,” and Jeff Bridges is involved.

         Tyrese Gibson in talks to bring “Thundercats” to the screen.

         Plans are in motion to adapt Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” trilogy.

         “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.” Pretty much all I needed to know…

         Mike Myers, after the upset of “Love Guru,” is now working on “Austin Powers 4.”

         “Brooklyn’s Finest.” If you’ve not heard anything about this movie, let me bring you up to speed: a toll-booth worker went into the hospital. While recovering from surgery, he wrote a screenplay and entered it into a contest. It came in second place, but was sent to Warner Bros. Warner contacted the toll-booth worker and he got a much better reward than placing 2nd, he optioned the script! Now the movie, “Brooklyn’s Finest,” is in production with Richard Gere, Wesley Snipes, Ethan Hawke, and Don Cheadle.

         Alicia Keyes and Jack White are doing the theme to the new Bond film, “Quantum of Solace.”

         Kevin Smith’s new movie, “Zack and Miri Make a Porno,” was rated NC-17 but is now Rated R, thanks to an appeal.


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