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Remake Radar: Dune




“Father! The sleeper has awoken!”


Welcome to the November edition of Remake Radar, where we tackle Hollywood’s penchant for remaking previous films (for better or worse). This edition’s remake: Dune.


“Dune” (1984)


Stars: Kyle Maclachlan, Virginia Madsen, Sean Young, Jose Ferrer, Francesca Annis, Brad Dourif, Linda Hunt, Jurgen Prochnow, and Sting.


Director: David Lynch


Story: Duke Ledo (Prochnow) is sent to the desert planet Dune, where something called the “Spice” is harvested. Ledo is killed and his wife Lady Jessica (Annis) and son Paul (Maclachlan) are lost in the desert, only to meet up with the Fremen. The Fremen have the idea that Paul is their Messiah. Paul learns the ways of the Fremen, teaches them the ways of the Atreides, and in becoming Muad’Dib takes on Emperor Shaddam IV.


What do we know now? Director Peter Berg, known for such films as “Very Bad Things,” “The Rundown,” “The Kingdom,” and “Hancock” is set to direct. Joshua Zetumer will be writing the script.