Movie News and Views Friday the 13th Poster Edition



Happy Friday the 13th!


         “Iron Man 2” has confirmed Scarlett Johannson to play the Black Widow and Mickey Rourke to play the Russian villain Crimson Dynamo. And yes, Sam Jackson will play Nick Fury.

         Speaking of “Iron Man 2,” Marvel has released a new set of release dates for their movies. “Iron Man 2” will be May 7, 2010. “Thor” will be June 17, 2011. “Captain America” will be July 22, 2011. “The Avengers” will be May 4, 2012. “Spider-man 4” is slated for May 6, 2011.

         “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” will make its next stop in Sequel-ville.

         “Taken” has also taken its seat in Sequel-ville.

         Wes Craven is hurt by the fact that the new producers of “Nightmare on Elm Street” didn’t contact him in any way, or ask for his help. Guess he’s not going to the premiere, either.

         Ahnuld, the Governator, will make a cameo appearance in the new Stallone film, “The Expendables.”

         “X: The Man with X-Ray Eyes” is up for the remake block.

         George Miller (“Mad Max”) is still working on bringing together a Justice League movie.

         Vin Diesel mentioned a third “Riddick” film. What?

         George Lucas is bringing “Star Wars” to the small screen. The new TV series is supposed to take place between “Episode III” and the original trilogy and will deal with minor characters within the universe.

         Martin Lawrence set to star in a remake of “Death at a Funeral.” Also starring Chris Rock and Danny Glover.

         Setting a new standard, the studio behind the movie “One Week” skipped any commentary by critics and took comments from the trailer they posted on YouTube. Classy, guys.

         “Missing In Action,” is being remade. No word on whether Chuck Norris will be involved but if he isn’t, you’ll be able to hear the roundhouse kick simply standing on your front porch, wherever you live.

         “Marmaduke” will make the transition from comics to the silver screen.

         George Miller is looking to make “Mad Max 4” in 3-D.

         There’s going to be a “Point Break 2?”

         The band Daft Punk will be scoring “Tron 2.”

         There will be a “Harold and Kumar 3.”

         “Slumdog” director Danny Boyle is in talks to helm the next James Bond movie.

         Recent reports have claimed that organized crime is heavily into DVD piracy. No word on how much Blu-ray may be affected.

         In retaliation, the Studios are looking at adding a digital “watermark” to films that will enable them to tell from what seat the guy with the camcorder was sitting. This would only work if there was a record kept by each theatre of where every person sat.

         “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” has a release date of December 10, 2010.

         The ABC show “Life on Mars” has been canceled, but allowed to wrap up its 17-episode run. Dammit. I liked this show.

         “Total Recall” to be remade and “The Neverending Story” to be rebooted.




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