In Passing… Ed McMahon (1923-2009)



Actor, producer, comedian, and entertainer Ed McMahon passed away early this morning. Born Edward Peter Leo McMahon Jr. in Detroit in 1923, McMahon grew up in Lowell, MA attending Catholic schools. At the age of 15 he was a bingo caller in Maine, followed by 3 years spent as a carnival barker. From there he joined the Marine Corps and served as a flight instructor and test pilot. He put himself through college as a pitchman for veggie slicers and earned his Bachelor of Arts in 1949. Then, he returned to active service and flew 85 missions in Korea. Afterwards he remained in Active Reserve and retired at the rank of Colonel in 1966. In 1957 he was paired with Johnny Carson as announcer and host for the TV game show, “Who Do You Trust?” This lasted for five years. When Jack Paar left NBC’s “The Tonight Show,” Carson took his place bringing McMahon with him. The two were side-by-side from 1962 until the last show in 1992. In 1983 McMahon hosted “Star Search,” until 1986. Following “The Tonight Show” McMahon has starred in various TV movies and films such as “Burke’s Law,” “Baywatch,” “The Tom Show,” etc. In the past few years, however, his health has declined as well as his personal assets; in March 2008 he was recovering from a broken neck and subsequent injuries from a 2007 fall and in June 2008 his home fell behind in payments with Donald Trump having to buy his home so it could be “rented to him.” Troubles aside, McMahon has earned his place in American culture; his star on the Walk of Fame is on 7000 Hollywood Blvd., Jack Nicholson referred to him in “The Shining,” and “Weird Al’s” parody of “Who’s Johnny?” was “Here’s Johnny,” citing McMahon’s signature phrase from “The Tonight Show.” McMahon was 86 years of age at passing.


Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.


For more information, check out his IMDB page at:


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