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Movie Review: Hellboy 2: The Golden Army





Starring Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones, Like Goss, Anna Walton, Jeffrey Tambor, and John Hurt. Directed by Guillermo del Toro


For the uninitiated, “Hellboy” is a red demon with one hand larger than the other who lives among us, smokes cigars, loves TV, eats candy and uses gigantic guns to destroy other demons set to harm civilization. And, he will eventually bring about the destruction of the world, but for now he’s one of the good guys.


The story begins with Hellboy’s dad (played by John Hurt) reading him a story during Christmastime. Ages ago King Balor, who reigned over creatures of fantasy, was in war with the mankind. When 70 times 70 indestructible metallic monsters are made for his command and released upon mankind, much blood is spilt. Balor decides to make a truce with mankind: Balor and fantasy creature-kind would stay in the forests while mankind would have the rest of the world. His son, Prince Nuada, felt they had a bum deal and went into self-imposed exile.


Fast-forward to now. Nuada (Goss) is pissed-off and plans to wage a war against mankind. To do it he needs a crown (in three separate pieces) that gives a person of royal blood control of the “70×70” metal monsters and the map to the location. When he crashes an art auction and takes off with 2 of the pieces, Hellboy and Company are called in to find out what happened.


And saving the world from creatures of fantasy is the least of Hellboy’s problems. His relationship with Liz (Blair) is having problems and he doesn’t know it, but she’s pregnant. Agent Tom Manning (Tambor) is on Hellboy’s case for not keeping a “low profile.” Abe Sapien falls in love with Prince Nuada’s twin sister, Nuala. And the BPRD is under new management: Johann Krauss (voice of Seth McFarlane) who is a gas. Literally. He inhibits a suit with a glass dome for the head to walk around in, but he’s basically a gaseous state.


For what it’s worth, I liked this movie. Guillermo del Toro creates a fantasy world that the characters BELIEVE in; no looking at the camera with that “you know this is a movie, right?” look. And speaking of the characters… this is a TRUE fantasy movie. Yes, del Toro is a big fan of eyes located on body parts other than the face, but aside from that there are more creatures in this film than in the cantina on Tatooine.


My favorite scene is one in which Abe is lamenting on Princess Nuala and Hellboy is on the outs with Liz. They share a six-pack of beer while singing along to Barry Manilow’s “Can’t Smile Without You.” Hilarious scene.


And, my favorite line: “Don’t worry Abe, I’m not going to kill him. I’m just gonna kick his ass.”


Again, this is solid filmmaking from beginning to end. The story has a lot going on, from Prince Nuada exacting revenge to Abe falling in love to the relationship dynamic of Liz and Hellboy, as well as being under the new management of Johann Krauss.


Did I like this over the first “Hellboy” movie? I missed catching the first one in theatres and saw it on DVD, and liked it. I like this one as well. They’re like two different types of apples in the same bunch; it’s whatever works for ya (feel free to pick a different fruit or vegetable). I recommend this within the same breath as “Incredible Hulk” and “Iron Man.”


My grade: B+