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Remake Radar: Street Fighter



Welcome to the first edition of Remake Radar, where we tackle Hollywood’s penchant for remaking previous films (for better or worse). This week’s remake: Street Fighter.


“Street Fighter” (1994)


Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Raul Julia, Kylie Minogue, and Ming-Na.


Director: Steven E. de Souza


Story: Evil druglord turned warlord General M. Bison (Julia) holds Allied Nations relief workers for ransom, and it’s up to one man, Colonel William F. Guile (Van Damme) to lead his troops against him, kickboxing if possible. Also thrown in for good measure is a news crew seeking revenge, a couple of cons, and a scientist being held hostage so he can create a genetic superwarrior.


Based on: “Street Fighter II” videogame.


What do we know now? According to screenwriter Justin Marks (“Voltron”) the movie will be based around Chun-Li, a female character in the series. Andrzej Bartkowiak (“Romeo Must Die,” “Exit Wounds”) will be directing. Dion Lam will be the fight choreographer (“The Matrix”).


Supposed cast:


Kristin Kreuk… Chun-Li

Michael Clarke Duncan… Balrog

Chris Klein… Nash

Rick Yune… Gen


Other cast members include Moon Bloodgood, Taboo, Edmund Chen, and Cheng Pei Pei.


Filming on “Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li” began in March 2008.




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